If I Could Turn Back Time..

I’d like to thank Cher for today’s blog title.

This time change is REALLY messing me up. The sun sets around here at 5:30 which doesn’t leave a lot of time to go for a run when I get off of work (confession bear: I haven’t been yet) and by the time 7 o’clock rolls around I swear it’s midnight and time for bed. My mind is confusing my body and I need it to knock it off or I’ll end up hibernating for the winter. Which doesn’t sound like a terrible idea but when I roll out of my cave in the Spring that could be terrifying.

Yes brain.. knock it off.

Yes brain.. knock it off.

To add to the dark thirty issue, it’s been rainy and dreary here for days and as I’ve ┬ápreviously mentioned, I hate running in the rain. I kick water up the back of my legs and it gets all itchy and I get whiney.. it’s just terrible. I need more options to exercise (read: sweat, whine and cry) in the privacy of my own home. I’ve tried P90X (no thank you) and a lot of Jillian Michaels DVDs — but I just get bored. So I’m looking for suggestions.

Practice makes perfect? Nope.. still bored

Practice makes perfect? Nope.. still bored

On a happier note, this cutting back on the booze business is very nice. It’s nice to wake up without the room spinning or a dozen leprechauns dancing on your brain. I’m getting too old for that shit.

Whatever you say Cher. You're the boss.

Whatever you say Cher. You’re the boss.

So that’s it for today.. as always, suggestions are welcome in the comments section. Oh and here’s a new running song for you… and no, it’s not a Cher song. Surprisingly.

May Cher bless you and all of our asses look like hers at 50.