Rain Rain Go Away

I have always loved rain. Some may call me a borderline pluviophile. I’ve never seen the problem with Seattle or London — that is, until now. It has been raining for-ev-er. I can’t even tell you the last time I saw the sun. I believe it’s been 2 weeks.. or 3.. or 4.. but really.. what is time?

Time flies when you're having seasonal depression.

Time flies when you’re having seasonal depression.

This is someone’s idea of a sick joke. We went through the flood, had a week of sunshine and then it came back with a vengeance after Halloween. Today is the first day the sun has been out since then. I never understood seasonal depression until now. I just wanted to lay on my couch in pajamas under a blanket and do nothing. Which is good for one day.. or a weekend, but for every day.. not good. I am in some serious need of vitamin D.



The sun is actually out today and I would like to find the energy to run but work and life have just exhausted me today and I don’t really feel like it. “But Jen,” you may say “that’s when you need to go the most.” Yeah well — I need more motivation than that if I’m going to pry my butt off my couch for anything tonight other than pizza and beer. Basically, I’m failing at my goals. I just don’t have any fucks to give at this point.

Fight me.

Fight me.

I have all day off tomorrow for Veteran’s Day (thank you all for your service!!) so I will take that opportunity to get my butt outside and raise my endorphins.  I just can’t today. Ever have days like that? What do you do to get over them.

Speaking of Beyonce…. Here’s your song for the day…


Breakups and Shakeups

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything on this site. Life got in the way. By life, I mean a relationship. I started a new relationship and let this fall by the wayside. Who wants to blog about running and things when there’s hand holding and cuddling to be done?  Yes I, Jennifer the robot, just said that.  But nothing lasts forever, even though you may want it to, and now I find myself dealing with a breakup. I’ll spare you all the details but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be and I’m dealing with that… as well as I can. Sometimes I have good days, sometimes I have bad days.. but the sun rises and the sun sets and the days go on with or without my participation in them as a productive member of society.

Beep beep! Comin’ through!

There are many ways I deal with things.. none of which are very healthy. Options include, but are not limited to: Not eating, eating too much, drinking too much, not sleeping so on and so forth. I’ve realized none of this is helping me get “better” or assisting my anxiety in any way other than to exacerbate it, so I must make a change.

YAAAY CHANGE.. said no one ever. 

YAAAY CHANGE.. said no one ever.

This change is going to be a good one. I am officially vowing to be healthier which will include more running and yoga and less booze and more.. well hell I don’t know what will fill the hole of booze because.. beer.  Stay tuned to find out if I actually stick with my plan.


Yesterday we said goodbye to Summer*. So I ask you this… why is it still 10,000** degrees outside?!? Honestly.. doesn’t Mother Nature know what day it is? I hear Fall and I’m thinking.. yaaay scarves and boots and pumpkin everything.. but around here the weather is not complying to my wishes! It’s 97 degrees and at least 50% humidity.

At this rate I'll be walking around naked. It's hot and humid and just ugh.

At this rate I’ll be walking around naked. It’s hot and humid and just ugh.

Jamie is going to be very proud of me. I signed up for a race to try to get my ass back on track with training for this half. It’s just a 5k but the race is in 2 weeks. This means I need to start running regularly. This also means this heat needs to kick rocks. I don’t want to drown in my own sweat.

Seriously -- send help.

Seriously — send help. In the form of cool frosty beverages.

I’m sure you’re noticing today I’m using Spice Girls gifs. That’s because I just found out that Netflix added Spice World to its collection today!! Guess what I’ll be doing tonight? If you guessed Spicing up my Life.. you are right.

I am Posh. Posh is me. Bow down bitches.

I am Posh. Posh is me. Bow down bitches.

If you haven’t seen this cinematic masterpiece, I suggest you do so. I mean… look at these special effects!

Eat your heart out Michael Bay.

Eat your heart out Michael Bay!

That’s your homework assignment. Watch Spice World. I expect a 500 word essay on my desk by Thursday on underlying themes and symbolism. With that.. I leave you with a song I still like to run to. Enjoy.

*I have been told that Fall is not until September 23rd. I dont give a shit. Labor day means no more August which should mean no more heat. 

**rough estimate. Blogger is not good with the maths. 

I Hate Running

I knew at some point I would have to address this, given the amount of excuses I’ve made for myself lately about why I haven’t been running. I know I’ve discussed motivation before, but I think it just all boils down to I HATE RUNNING.

Me the whole time I'm running.

Me the whole time I’m running.

I don’t understand those of you who love it. Please enlighten me.

No, not you LC. I can't trust anyone who let their friend date Justin Bobby. 

Ooh look.. a nice article for me to rea… wait… is that you LC?

No, not you LC. I can’t trust anyone who let their friend date Justin Bobby.

Tips include: Take it outside. Get good music. Know the benefits. I do all that. Still not happenin’.

Don't cry. That's my job.

Don’t cry. That’s my job.

Maybe I’m just not doing it regularly enough. I always feel great after I’m done. It’s just getting my shoes on and making myself walk out of the door. That’s where I get lost. Maybe someone can run behind me and hold a fishing pole with a beer on the end in front of me. Or bacon.. lord knows I love bacon.

Natures perfect food.

Natures perfect food.

Did anyone else have this problem when they were first starting out? Even with the 1/2 training I am NOT on top of things. What are your recommendations? Cattle prods and chasing zombies are not acceptable answers.

Running for a Cause

I don’t know about you but I have a tendency to have more motivation to run for a good cause. Leukemia races, breast cancer races, heart associations races, etc. are all examples of running for something other than yourself. Race fees and donations go towards research to help those afflicted with these diseases and allow us to help out when we aren’t able to provide input on the research. (Let’s be real, if it involves math or science, I’m out. I am good with colors though. If you need a t-shirt designed, I’m your girl.) These races aren’t always available year round, but that doesn’t mean you can’t run for a cause when you want. There is an app Charity Miles  that works with either iPhone or Android devices that allows you to earn donations to the charity of your choice just by going out and getting a run in (or biking if that is your thing). Bikers earn 10¢ a mile and walkers and runners earn 25¢ a mile.

Looks easy enough to use. Cause it is!

Looks easy enough to use. 

If you don’t want to download anything you can still follow this link to help my friend reach her goal to hike and raise funds for children’s cancer research. Do it. You’ll feel better about yourself.



Remember that time I said that I was going to train for a half marathon? Remember that time I said I was going to start running again? Remember when I said I went to crossfit? Yeah me too. I haven’t started training, I’ve hardly been running and I haven’t gone to crossfit since around Halloween. Luckily my membership has expired and now I won’t be paying for something I am not using anymore.


Money go bye bye.

Admittedly I have been quite the slacker. I can find any excuse not to go run, (It’s cold, it’s hot, I’ll go in the morning, I’ll go tomorrow after work, etc.) but I need to start doing something. I feel disgusting. It may be time to dust off the Jillian Michaels DVDs. Have you tried any of her videos? It’s 30 minutes of sheer torture and me calling Jillian a bitch every 20 seconds. But they work. They kick my ass and only cost me $19.95 instead of $150 a month.

Please no one tell JM I called her a bitch.. I have a feeling she could kill me with her bare hands.

Please no one tell JM I called her a bitch.. I have a feeling she could kill me with her bare hands.

So yeah.. I guess I’ll do that. Just as soon as this hangover wears off. Celebrating your best friend’s 30th birthday with copious amounts of alcohol is fun until the booze wears off and you’re forced to function as a human being.

Actual footage of me walking into the office this morning.

Actual footage of me walking into the office this morning.


Today I’d like to discuss the concept of motivation. I’ve heard of this mythical force but I’ve never experienced it myself. Can you buy it at a store somewhere? OMG does Nike have a version?!?


Screw you Nike. If it was, I wouldn’t be asking Santa for half your Winter 2014 catalog.

Seriously though.. I have all these ideas of what I want to do and what I should do but I just don’t. Clearly not fitting into my pants is not motivation enough for me to get out there and get back to running. Neither is the need to be able to stay in a soccer game longer than 15 minutes without asking for a sub. So I ask, what motivates you? Can you send me some motivation in a bottle? Some magic potion I can just ingest and then I’ll get up and get my butt in gear? I’m really good at drinking.

vodka betty

Like, really good. I should consider a career in it. 

I’ve heard I should sign up for a race and that will help  me get on course. I think that sounds like an excellent idea until that lazy ass brain cell that is propped up in the back of my head with her feet on the coffee table and cheeto flakes on her shirt tells me that it would be acceptable to just go and “wing it” the day of the race.

lazyI checked it out on WebMD

Soooo if anyone has any suggestions on how to get and stay motivated, please let me know. Maybe I need to affix a beer on the end of a stick bugs bunny style and run after it. That may work.. except for the part where my beer foams up.