I totally slacked off and didn’t post on Friday.. but with good reason. I was getting everything together for my favorite holiday.. Halloween!

Because when else can you use this gif?

Because when else can you use this gif?

I had a few friends over last night and celebrated like my 21 year old self. There were drinking games and a bonfire and sooo much food. If anyone was on a diet, they forgot that for the evening. But now I’m suffering for my game time decisions. Long are the days where I can party and jump up in the morning and function normally. Hangover + anxiety = no bueno. I’m currently medicating myself with lots of water, a Netflix marathon and self-prescribed bed couch rest. I would kill for some Blowfish right now. (Seriously that stuff works. Go get some today. Bring me a pack while you’re at it)


I really wanted to go on a long run to clear my head today but it’s raining so the couch is even more welcoming than usual. Hopefully I’ll get back on track tomorrow. It’s always a Monday that you’ll say you’ll start… but this time I plan to stick with it. Especially if my friend Mauri keeps reminding me about the promises I made to myself. I need more people like her in my life. Maybe with pitch forks and cattle prods to run behind me and make sure I keep going. Anyone want the job?

It’s back to Season 2 of the 100 for this girl. If you’ve got a hangover remedy.. share it in the comments.