“If It Makes You Happy, It Can’t Be That Bad”

A very wise woman (See Also: Sheryl Crow) once said “If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.” I like this attitude and I’ve decided to adopt it. Certain people make me happy. Cheese makes me happy. Beer, definitely happy. Bacon – fat kid loves cake happy. I’m gonna take my happiness and embrace it.*

Today — yoga made me happy. That’s right.. I actually dragged my butt out of bed at 6am and squeezed aforementioned butt into spandex and took it to yoga.

How else are you supposed to get out of bed?

How else are you supposed to get out of bed?

I had a new instructor this morning and was a tad wary before entering the building as to what her style would be and if I would like it. Certain instructors are more challenging than others and some are very mellow. I like to find my zen by cursing under my breath as I feel all of my muscles reach exhaustion. Needless to say, I prefer the former. To my surprise the very perky woman who greeted me as I walked in was merely in disguise as she was an instructor of Power Vinyasa which kept me from falling back asleep, as I feared I would do.


I’ll definitely have to go to her class again next week. After yoga I grabbed coffee with a friend and then hurried home to get ready for work. I don’t know what they put in that coffee but I feel like I’ve had enough caffeine to run a small country. Which is good, for now, but it won’t be good after I get off work and crash and then have to go to soccer.

I am Bobby Hill

I am Bobby Hill

After soccer tonight (at 10:30 shoot me).. I’m going to see the new Bond Film.. Spectre.. with the world’s worst selection to sing a Bond Theme.. Sam Smith. I take my Bond Themes very seriously. Mr. Smith apparently does not as he is just wailing and whining over a great backing track that never quite makes it off the starting line. Major disappointment there. I think we can all agree that Adele had the best song and should do them all in the future.

Get your butt back inside here girl and show Sam how it's done.

Get your butt back inside here girl and show Sam how it’s done.

I doubt I’ll wake up early to run tomorrow but I can say I’ll try and you can all laugh at me. With that, I say do what makes you happy. As long as it isn’t crack or meth or anything that could possibly hurt anyone else. That can’t possibly end well and you should be smart about your happiness.

Your song for the day…


*Note: The song Happy does not make me happy.


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